Sunday, 22 November 2015


Rachael and Mr Chew Chew - pom pom making

Crochet lessons

Got to love my library!!

My beautiful Meadow pillow - photo courtesy of Deb

My beautiful AMH pillow/pouf from Rachel

Button detail

Beaded stitch markers
Today I made the trip from Auckland to Matangi again, for our last sewing day get together for 2015.
I had accumulated over the past couple of weeks a lovely pile of new quilting and cook books, so they were well browsed through.  Hand sewing, cross-stitch, pom-pom making and crochet lessons were all taking place today.  Lots of yummy food again too.

Gwen and I were the lucky birthday club recipients this time. I was very spoiled with the handmade gifts I was given.  From Deb, I received a beautiful Meadow pillow cover, featuring  so many gorgeous fabrics and from Rachael I received a beautiful Anna Maria Horner pillow, featuring her handmade pottery buttons.  I think my family will be banned from using these.

I made Gwen a pouch for her knitting (my first finish in my Q4 finish-along goals) and some beaded stitch markers.

Such a shame we probably won't have another get-together until next year now.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wednesday WIP

A Christmas ornament for my sister,  from"The Twelve Days of Christmas" collection from mmmcrafts. I have the odd days, she has the even days.  This will be a French Hen!!  The embroidery is done, now I just need to wash away the stabiliser and sew it  all together.

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Sunday, 15 November 2015


Well it's been a while since I did a weekending post, but here's what I got up to this weekend.
  • relaxing on Friday night, after a somewhat manic week at work - a new magazine and a glass of chardonnay, the perfect way to start the weekend
  • in the garden - lots of weeding, cutting back and planting new plants  Pleased to see my passionfruit vine has started flowering, lots more buds on it too, here's hoping I get a bumper crop after last years rather drastic pruning gave me a total of about 12 fruit.
  • in the sewing room - finally I have made a start on the final Christmas placemat , so nice to be sewing again.  
  • in the kitchen - this recipe for school (and work) lunchbox treats
Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead,

Monday, 9 November 2015


I have been getting lots of work at the library lately (which is great) however, it doesn't leave me much time for sewing, baking, reading, even blogging and all the other things I enjoy doing.

Over the weekend I celebrated a birthday, so I was spoiled by my family with a special dinner and homemade birthday cheesecake, bubbly, lovely presents and time with Mum, shopping for clothes, plants and fabric.  The above bouquet was given to me by Mum - all the flowers from her garden The Irises always flower in time for her to pick them for me.

Fingers crossed life starts to get back to normal soon and I actually have time to do some of the things that make me happy.

Have a fabulous week.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Making : plans for a day out with my sister when she comes to New Zealand in December
Drinking : Rose and French Vanilla Tea as I type this post

Reading:  I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
Looking: at lovely sewing, cooking and interior design books
Wasting:time on Facebook(I finally succumbed and signed up)
Sewing: by hand, Liberty dresden plates on their backing fabrics

Wishing: my house would clean itself
Enjoying: going to the movies with a friend - we saw The Dressmaker
Waiting: for my Mum to arrive on Friday for the weekend

Liking: new season asparagus
Wondering: why the birds keep pulling out my lettuce and marigold seedlings

Marvelling: at how Mum's who work full time get eveything done, I find it hard with part time hours
Loving: warmer days

Needing: chocolate 
Smelling: jasmine and clematis  in my neighbour's garden
Wearing: a sari, bracelets and bindi at work to celebrate Diwali 

Following:  the All Blacks and their Rugby World Cup games and results

Noticing: new growth and flowers on plants in my garden
Knowing: that there are only a few weeks left of school
Thinking: that I really need to do some Christmas shopping

Feeling: pleased that I mowed the lawns before it is supposed to rain
Bookmarking: dessert recipes for Christmas Day

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wednesday WIP

There is nothing subtle and ladylike about this Liberty Quilt.    I think I like it - definitely not what I originally had in mind when I started working on  this quilt. Perhaps it is leaning towards the more Bohemian artists and style associated with the Bloomsbury group.

The other day while wandering  in Spotlight, I fell in love with a beautiful shot cotton.  I decided it would work perfectly for the corners on my Bloomsbury Quilt.  After a lot of playing with contrasting and co-ordinating solids, I have been very brave and gone for a grape colour which picks out the purple/grape in the shot cotton.

So far only the centre panels have been sewn together, I am now trying to decide whether to hand or machine sew the Dresdens on and what colour centres - patterned or plain to give them.  Also debating whether to keep it at the original size which is about 60" square or add some borders so it makes a really big quilt for my bed.  That would mean I may have to buy some more Liberty.  Damn!

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Sunday, 18 October 2015


  • harvesting from my garden - beautiful rosy rhubarb stems  
  • baking rhubarb crumble cake - using the above rhubarb
  • leisurely reading - this beautiful pile of books - lots of inspiration for interiors, quilts, knitting and food
  • sewing - liberty rectangles for the Bloomsbury quilt
Wishing you all a wonderful week.
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