Thursday, 23 October 2014

Scenes From My Week

  • more happy mail - two more envelopes for my SWAK Swap
  • lots of secret sewing - for swaps and Christmas gifts, paper piecing makes the biggest mess in my sewing room, but the results are certainly worth having to clean up afterwards.
  • spring has sprung in my garden - beautiful aquelegia, my favourite geranium and this unknown blue flowering plant which just delights me every time I walk past it
  • yummy baking - a coconut caramel macaroon slice
  • flowers and a pile of library books on my bedside table

Saturday, 18 October 2014


  • these violets for bringing back childhood memories of time with my sister and my Nan
  • this gorgeously inspiring Liberty Drawstring bag from Cottitello
  • this dining table - I want to paint the base of mine and sand and restain the top for a similar look
  • this cunning idea for an ironing board in my sewing room
  • a simple idea for hanging my lanterns outside

  • the fabulous quilt my  talented sister is making  (she needs her own blog to show her beautiful crafty creations)

    • oh so true
    • this book - I don't know how many times I have read it, but it remains a favourite

    • cosmos flowers - I have seedlings of these to plant - hopefully for an endless supply of flowers to pick for summer

    What are you liking at present?
    I'm off to enjoy my weekend now, I hope yours is great too.

    Monday, 13 October 2014

    In Love with Liberty

    My sister and I have gone halves in a monthly Liberty Fabric Club.  Unfortunately because my sister organised it, the fabric gets sent to her in Australia each month, so it takes a wee while for mine to get to me. (Actually that is probably a good thing, cos after feeling these fabrics, I don't think I could bear to send her half if they came to me).   Anyhoo, over the weekend my first 2 months worth arrived.  I think I am in love.  Now to find the perfect project for the  12 months worth of Liberty fabrics, I will have in a years time.

    Sunday, 12 October 2014


    Officially the last day of the school holidays.  So tomorrow it is back to work and school for us all.
    Here's a little taste of the things  I have been doing this weekend.

    • some quilting on my SSM6 item
    • more baking for school lunches - my favourite Afghan Slice, and spicy carrot muffins
    • I cooked Pork Belly for the first time using this recipe  - yum very tender and the crispiest crackling ever
    • some more sewing - a prototype napkin ring
    • a possible fabric pull for a Christmas table runner - does it matter that the fabrics aren't Christmas themed?.
    Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend

    Wednesday, 8 October 2014

    Today I Am

    Making :   Something for a friend and a Christmas gift
    Cooking :  Banana Bran Muffins - to freeze away, for back to school lunches
    Drinking : Hot chocolate and Saints Chardonnay - not at the same time
    Reading:   Gardening Women by Catherine Horwood  (a really interesting read)

    Wanting:   Fresh summer fruit
    Playing:    With 2.5" squares of fabric

    Enjoying:  The scent of my neighbour's flowering clematis

    Waiting:   For some packages to arrive in the post
    Liking:  New season asparagus
    Wondering:  Whether to get my hair cut short again  (think urchin style short)
    Loving:    My vase of Alstromeria on the dining table

    Pondering:  What to plant in my vegetable garden later this month
    Hoping:  The wild and windy weather stops soon
    Needing:   To do some serious spring cleaning
    Smelling:  Oven Cleaner - guess what I'm doing later
    Wearing:   Fluffy Slippers
    Noticing:   That my lawn needs mowing again
    Knowing:  That I will be the one to do it
    Thinking:   I should stop wasting time on the computer
    Admiring:   Deb - from Works in Progress, wife, mum to 4, student, quilter extraordinaire
    Sorting:   Piles of fabric spread all over my cutting  and sewing tables

    Buying:   Another small pile of fabric - thanks Spotlight for VIP specials
    Getting:  Rid of old clothes and blankets to the op shop
    Bookmarking:  Lots of inspiration on my Pinterest boards
    Giggling:  At Mr J's funny sense of humour
    Snacking: On chips and dip
    Hearing:  Birds singing in the trees

    Thursday, 2 October 2014

    Day Tripping

    The Scout has taken a few days off work these school holidays.  So today we took a family day trip to Mt Maunganui, a beautiful beach town on the East Coast. The plan was to walk around and then up the Mount, unfortunately all access to it was closed due to a tragedy there yesterday.  Miss B and Mr J were still delighted to explore the beach, collect some shells and enjoy our picnic lunch with gelato and sorbet for dessert.  (I really enjoyed that too)

    On the way home we stopped at the Waihi Gold Mine.  I wanted to visit the Cornish Pumphouse, which has always fascinated me.  Built in 1904 it was moved from its original site to where it is located now.  It was also amazing seeing how large the open cast mine is, the trucks working there, looked like matchbox toys from where we stood.

    Now we are back at home, and it's cold and wet. Thankfully the weather was beautiful if somewhat windy for our trip.

    Wednesday, 1 October 2014

    A Day at Home

    Today I enjoyed a relaxing day at home by myself.  Miss B and Mr J were lucky enough to be taken by their aunt to Rainbow's End, a theme park in Auckland. They had a fabulous time, though Mr J has since learned that generally twice on any ride is ample. I spent the morning doing lots of cooking for dinner that night and for our picnic lunch the next day at Mt Maunganui. (photos next post)
    • preparation for Carrot Hummus and the end result.  I have had this recipe pinned for a year or so now, and finally made it.  It turned out really well, the only thing I would change would be to reduce the paprika to 1/8 teaspoon.
    • happy mail to me - I do enjoy getting mail like this, and eating it too..
    • flowers from a huge succulent plant I had to cut back, brightening up my kitchen.
    Hoping the new month goes well for you all.